All Spa Organica® facials include a detailed facial analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, aromatic steam, thorough extractions, neck and decolette treatment, as well as specifically custom-blended facial masks.

The Soothing Hydration Facial

A waterfall of moisture saturates the skin in deep hydration. This soothing facial is custom made for dehydrated or sensitive skin. We steam-infuse the skin with hyaluronic serums and gels to infuse moisture deep into the skin. We layer rich masks packed with aloe vera, cucumber, and green plant gels to deeply hydrate, nourish, and soothe the skin. Your skin will be dewey and glowing with moisture.
Calming and Hydrating.
1 for $125, 3 for $360, 6 for $700

The Vitamin C Enzyme Facial

Packed with a powerful blend of antioxidant fruit enzymes and plant extracts, this yummy treatment dissolves dull skin to reveal the brighter new skin just beneath the surface. This is a nourishing facial that pumps life into the skin with rich vitamins and enzymes which gently regenerate and boost your skin's vitality!
Smoothing and Brightening.
1 for $130, 3 for $375, 6 for $740

The Deep Detox Facial

Detoxify and purify the skin with extra steam, exfoliation, and extractions. Purifying antibacterial products and masks draw out impurities and deeply cleanse the skin. Cooling aloe vera and cucumber gel masks then calm, heal and soothe inflamed skin.
Clarifying and Balancing.
1 for $130, 3 for $375, 6 for $740

The Sparkling Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial

Brighten and sparkle with this Genuine Diamonds! Our Diamond-Tipped Microdermabration machine will buff off the dry, top layer of the skin to reveal glowing new skin just below the surface. This treatment can smooth out mild surface scars and discoloration, with the result being a more even skin tone and texture. Transform yourself from Diamond-in-the-Rough into a Classic Cut!
Radiate and Sparkle!
1 for $135, 3 for $390, 6 for $770

Fountain of Youth Facial

This power-packed facial is a complete regeneration for the skin. First, we utilize the Diamond Microdermabration to peel away layers of older skin, followed by LED Infrared Light Therapy to firm and repair collagen and elastin deep beneath the skin's surface. The Micro-Current Lift Therapy tones and lifts facial muscles.
Healing and Regenerating.

1 for $140, 3 for $405, 6 for $795