Spa Organica® Sanctuary - Eco-Organic Day Spa
Meet the Spa Organica Green Team!

Christina Conrad, Owner, BA, LE, CMT

A Berkeley native, Christina attended UC Berkeley, graduating Magna cum Laude with a double-major in the Classics and Scandinavian Studies. With her Honors Thesis entitled, “The Healing Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece,” her interest in health and healing was sealed. She holds certifications in Swedish/Esalen Massage from the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, in Acupressure from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA, in Cranio-Sacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute and holds a 3rd Degree Reiki Mastership, which she has taught at the former Acupressure Institute and at Spa Organica®. She has also received in-depth training in Hot-Stone Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Acu-Yoga, and Acupressure for Animals. To further her research into the body systems and personal care, she received her California State Esthetician License. However, while working for a major "natural" cosmetic company, she quickly discovered the inclusion and mis-labeling of highly toxic ingredients in the products - and in most personal care products sold at cosmetic counters and drugstores. This inspired her mission to help to change the industry. After working for several years as an independent product trainer and rep for various natural lines, Christina decided to open Spa Organica®, a sanctuary devoted 100% to clean and healthy products and services.

Susan Emmara-Klein, LE, CMT

Susan grew up in Southern California with a appreciation and curiosity for the colors, beauty, and scents, of the flowers and trees around her childhood home. As a young child she concocted flower petal potions and perfumes, staying outside into the dusk hours with the house cats as her companions. Her mother enrolled her in dance lessons at the age of 4 to strengthen her health, she continued her studies in classical ballet through high school pursuing a professional career as a dancer then dance teacher. Susan found another passion in the healing arts as a massage therapist. After retiring from dance she was privileged to have been able to study the Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement from Marion Rosen and Valerie Luoto. In 2000, Susan went to Provence France to receive certification in French-style aromatherapy, she also received certification in herbal medicine therapy from the American College of Health Sciences. While raising 3 children she worked at a herbal wellness shop in Prescott Arizona while apprenticing under Amy Heimlich in herbal medicine making and organic skin care for the family. In 2014 Susan moved to San Francisco to study esthetics at the Cinta Aveda Institute and landed at Spa Organica immediately after graduating and receiving her esthetics license. Susan enjoys working at Spa Organica® because she feels that natural organic vegan skin care is superior in helping clients achieve healthy skin while educating the community about responsible and ethical consumer practices. 

Chelsea Merritt, CMT, Cranio Sacral Therapist

Hello there!  I am excited to be joining the space here with Christina, to provide CranioSacral therapy. I've been in the field of bodywork since the year of 2000 and have been practicing CranioSacral therapy since the year of 2007.  I love my line of work, and feel blessed to be able to practice an art form that brings me a deep sense of purpose, and pleasure by helping others, and being connected to humanity and spirit. I've studied under the Upledger Institute, and continue to broaden my scope of practice with their courses. I find this therapy to be deeply healing, and can unwind the deepest core of your being, and nourish the nervous system with only 5 grams of pressure, deep listening, and strong intention. Also, at times a technique called dialoguing can come about when excepted and signaled for, where we drop into a psycho-somatic type of work to release the tissues via emotions, a memory, thought pattern, or trauma that is hindering the release in a region of the body. Which is usually also hindering the freedom of another part of your life, as the body, mind and spirit are never separate. I absolutely adore this modality, and have seen remarkable results in freeing people of discomfort, and seeing a soft and relaxed light return to their eyes after a session. I look forward to meeting you soon.