Spa Organica® Sanctuary - Eco-Organic Day Spa

Relax and Renew
with Spa Organica®'s
Luxurious Spa Treatments!

Experience the unique urban escape.
All bodywork treatments include organic essential oils,  aromatic liniments, steaming hot towels, and therapeutic, organic teas to provide deep healing and relaxation..

Swedish/Esalen Therapy
Soothing Swedish/Esalen therapy provides deep relaxation and detoxification of the lymphatic system. This soothing treatment eases away tension.
$100 for 60-minutes 
$130 for 90-minutes

Hot Stone Therapy
Melt away your stress and tension with this deeply relaxing hot stone treatment. Smooth, heated river-rocks of varying sizes are placed at points upon the body to directly melt the tension. Let this soothing treatment transport you into peace.
$125 for 60-minutes
$155 for 90-minutes

Warm Body Scrub and Wrap
This purifying treatment will leave you glowing! First, you are gently exfoliated with an aromatic herbal infusion, layered in warm towels, wrapped in a reflective blanket and cacooned, while receiving targeted foot reflexology a therapeutic scalp treatment.
Emerge from the cacoon refreshed and ready to fly!
$105 for 60-minutes
$135 for 90-minutes

Traditional Reiki Treatment
Reiki Therapy is an ancient Japanese form of energy work that combines universal life energy with your own resources and energy reserves to relax and rebalance.
$100 for 60-minutes
$130 for 90-minutes

Reflexology Foot Treatment
Soak and relieve your tired, achy feet in a pure copper detox foot bath infused with organic eucalyptus oil and Dead Sea salts, followed by a relaxing and therapeutic Reflexology/Acupressure pressure-point treatment.
$55 for 30-minutes

Pre-Natal Bodywork
Pamper yourself before the little-one arrives! A pre-natal treatment can be just the ticket to relieving the aching muscles, swelling, and fatigue that can come with pregnancy. Includes a eucalyptus detox foot soak for tired tootsies!
$100 for 60-minutes 

Save with Spa Treatment Packages:
Package of 3: Save $15 ($5 off per treatment)
Package of 6: Save $45 ($7.50 off per treatment)
Package of 10: Save $100 ($10 off per treatment)